Thierry Stremler at Aviatrix Café and Boutique

Thierry Stremler at Aviatrix Café and Boutique



Thierry Stremler is a French chanson singer, part of the  trend.

After having spent many years in a band called Vercoquin, Thierry Stremler released by the end of 2000 his first album, Tout est relatif, followed in 2003 by Merci Pour L’enquête. Both of them were welcomed by music critics and got some radio air (especially Ma femme est photographe), but didn’t really achieve commercial success.

His songs, where he plays himself piano most of the time, contain often funny, sometimes bitter, and always witty lyrics, sometimes casting sharp looks on the french society.

Serge GainsbourgAlain Chamfort and Michel Polnareff can be quoted among his main sources of inspiration.

Stremler will be playing at Aviatrix Café on February 14th and his last album is available at our boutique.