Aviatrix Atelier is a collective art space, where artists and children of all ages enjoy art together. It is the only independent kids friendly art space in Berlin, but not the first. The original project was launched in 2012 by one of the Aviatrix founders, Renata Faccenda (visual artist, web and graphic designer). It was an art studio where she and other artists could develop artworks, sharing them with their children. There, Renata met Sarah Salters (children’s fashion designer and teacher). Together, they decided to start a new enterprise: a place where artists, art aficionados and their families can, without the usual restrictions of collective workspaces, make art together, meet and share ideas. Aviatrix was born.

Aviatrix in progress from manu sobral on Vimeo.

CREATE: the Atelier has three studio-rooms of different sizes where approximately nine artists and designers work. In this environment, they produce what they do best, with a very special perk, the company of their children, when needed and desired.

MEET: the Aviatrix Café, founded by Sonia Ivanova (linguist and cultural producer) and Renata Faccenda, is a meeting place, where artists, audience, families and friends can get together and share ideas. It is a place to enjoy, in a laid-back atmosphere, with unique music, delicious bocadillos, the best coffee ever, selected tees and sweet surprises of a typical Café, but in an independent-art environment. Here, our artists, children and collaborators experiment with painting, illustration, graffiti, installations, music, video, cinema, poetry, puppet theatre and many other ways of art expression. In the children atelier, that weekly art experiences for young kids take place. Check Aviatrix Café and Events to find out what’s going on now.

SHARE: An Aviatrix 25m2 space turns into a Gallery. With our Vin Fiz Art Program, professional artists exhibit their work, free of charges, with our support to set up and to advertise it. A workshop for children, in relation to the exhibition subject or media, is always part of the program. In parallel, we run the Piper Art Program, where children can exhibit their art, through personal enterprise or with the cooperation of schools, kitas or other youth centres. Go to Aviatrix Gallery to check out the space. Open Call if you have an interesting project to suggest. Events to know when the next exhibitions take place.

VISIT US: During the weekdays, you can not only visit our atelier, where we create our art and design products, but you will also find in the Aviatrix Boutique, unique gifts to yourself and to the ones you love, especially to the little ones. We present a collection of our art and design pieces, as well as products that are created from handpicked local and worldwide artists and designers we find through constant research.

FLY: like flying to an exciting and unknown place, Aviatrix is a place to work, study, experiment and stay in contact with the public. We mostly live in Schillerkiez and Neukölln but we come from all over the world (Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Germany and USA). We learn from the streets as much as we learn from the books. We like multidisciplinary. We don’t believe in a world separated by ages, gender or cultural background, we believe that sharing makes life more interesting. We love music, we love poetry. We want to fly. Like the early aviatrix (women aviators), we want more out of life. These inspiring women and the Tempelhofer feld (the former historic Berlin airport), 100m from our door, make us believe that this is the perfect place to take off.

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