Café Club

We don’t see our atelier as a closed place to work. We want contact with people, we want to interact with them, to learn from them and offer them quality services. Therefore, we invited Sonia Ivanova, an experienced gastronomy professional, who is involved in many other cultural activities. She was the perfect person to understand our need of offering the normal services of a Café, under the concept of the atelier.

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In the Aviatrix Café, we can meet other people with similar interests and we can have delicious coffee and food while music, theatre, cinema, literature and poetry events take place. It’s a cool environment where artists who run interactive activities, can showcase their work. And both artists and members of the public are invited to enjoy this in the company of their children.

Product Images: Split Box, by Peter Harvey
The Café offers food and drinks from all over the world, always with popular recipes made with very good products: bio coffee, homemade chai from India, a selected assortment of teas from different countries served in tea pots (no tea bags!), vegan and gluten free cakes, Spanish popular ‘bocadillos’ with selected olive oil, cheese and ‘embutidos’, provided by Azafran Gourmet, brought from local producers in Spain.



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