Tartaruga Feliz Solo Exhibition

Tartaruga Feliz Solo Exhibition

Aviatrix happily presents one more exhibition of our VIN FIZ program, the solo of the brazilian illustrator Tartaruga Feliz – yes, her name is “Happy Turtle”!

Brazilian character designer and illustrator Tartaruga Feliz (art director of Garatujas Fantásticas), alongside curator Renata Har, are proud to invite you to “Balloons”, a balloon character fiesta at the Aviatrix Atelier, in Neukölln.

Tartaruga will display nine cool photographs, one amazing interactive installation, a brilliant video and some well kept surprises. “The balloons are my true companions and keep my feet on the ground”, she says.

Each of the balloons has a characteristic personality. Some are incredibly shy, others are just plainly out there, ready to blow up.

“Tartaruga uses simple and unpretentious elements to build up strong facial expressions. It is absolutely magical to see how they come to life”, explains Renata, the show’s curator.

Aviatrix Atelier has the perfect setting to host the exhibition. The mini-kino will be installed under a wooden mezzanine, whilst the photos will be displayed alongside the interactive show.

This is where one of the balloons, whose talent is to basically enjoy life, will answer questions from the audience with wise pieces of advice.

Come and feel the unbearable lightness of being a balloon!

Aviatrix Atelier
Herrfurthstraße 13

7 – 9 November 2014

November 7th
7 pm

November 9th
3 – 5 pm