Sofia Burchardi: Imaginary Homelands

Sofia Burchardi: Imaginary Homelands


Exhibition: 07 – 09.02.2014
Opening: 09.02.2014 from 19h


The past is a country from which we have all emigrated and its loss is part of our common humanity. When we try to reclaim, to look back, we must do so in the knowledge that we will not be capable of reclaiming precisely the thing that was lost. We will create fictions, not actual cities or villages, but invisible ones, imaginary homelands, lands of the mind.

“My work is based on the idea sourced tradition in which conceptual, and social-political considerations are deployed in a mixed media of illustration, photography, sculpture, film and installation.
Since 2006 I have collaborated with Plamen Bontchev, on several projects with themes of popular culture and the modern digital forms of communication.
In our works we contrasts handmade and technological elements in new and surprising ways as a constant criticism of the mono- maniacal digital entertainment industry, substantiating the identity formation in many parts of our society.”

Sofia Burchardi is a Danish artist who lives and works in Berlin since 2008.
She has a MA in fine arts from The Danish Royal Academy and has also studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main.
In 2013, Sofia and Plamen taught for a month, at the KUart Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, giving a workshop and making an exhibition called „The Digital Tribe“ (

At the Opening:

Haltestelle Aviatrix with
Tsvetana Gugutkova (vocals/guitar)
& Jordan Lee Schnee (vocals/guitar/banjo)

Trans-Atlantic folk music of the future heard in the far-flung mountains of the past

09.02.2014 Sunday 14-16h
Memory and Perception
Experimental Illustration Workshop for children from 8 and up.

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