At least once per month (more or less) our atelier room turns into a pop gallery to show the work of our artists and collaborators. A part of independent projects, we count with three exhibitions programmes:



In the Vin Fiz program, professional artists can organize solo or collective exhibitions in our gallery, combined with a workshop for children related to the subject or media approached. Aviatrix offers to artists the support to realize a solo or collective exhibition and to children the opportunity to appreciate the artwork and experiment the artistic process from conception to presentation in a very concrete way. Artists are invited through collaboration and open calls. It alternates with the Piper Program.

The Vin Fiz workshops build (together with children, inspiring each other) a bridge between the professional adult art world and the world of the children.


Open Call:
To make your own exhibition at our gallery send us an email with your proposal, short CV and contact info. We will get in touch!



Children can make or curate their own exhibitions in our gallery. We want to get in touch with the children universe – learn, teach, inspire and be inspired by them. We want to bring public to appreciate, discuss and collaborate with their artistic expressions. Our gallery is open for any child who has an idea (of half of an idea, we can help a bit) and need a space to showcase it. We will need soon curators for collective exhibitions. Keep an eye in our posts and open calls!



Every Wednesday, at Aviatrix Gallery, kids of different ages (check in our calendar the specific age for each workshop) can exercise, together with our artists and guests, their medias: collage, sculpture, painting, installations, drawing, sewing, product design, photography and many other activities.

Children can choose staying for the whole two hours of for just a little while. Parents can choose if they want to stay here or go out for a walk. Only this is guaranteed: inspiration, creativity and fun.

Keep posted: ZSM Workshops.

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