16 APR: Piper Ausstellung - Raketen, Monster und Prinzessinnen

16 APR: Piper Ausstellung – Raketen, Monster und Prinzessinnen


Antonia (5)
Leo (10)
Manolin (7)

Piper program are exhibitions made or curated by children in our gallery.

Raketen, Monster und Prinzessinnen is the first exhibition of this program and shows illustrations – drawings and paintings – of 3 children, often present at our activities for those almost 3 years, selected by the artist and graphic designer Renata Faccenda.

It brings together their 3 (obsessive and contrasting) subjects, often presented in all their production at the atelier, home and Kita/School.

16. April 2016
Ab 15h

16h: Silkscreen action with the children
(bring your t-shirt or screen, A4 size)

16. – 17 April
23. – 24. April
30. April – 1. Mai


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This project is a collaboration with Camille Elizabeth and Mariana Zanetti (mothers of Manolin and Leo, who carefully collected their work) and KulturKombinat Verein.


Photo: Wandmalerei in unserem Cafe, die im September 2015 von Antonia, Leo und Manolin in Zusammenarbeit mit Helene, Frederique und David für diese Ausstellung erarbeitet wurde.

Gefördert durch die EU und das Land Berlin im Rahmen des Programms „Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil“ Teilprogramm „Soziale Stadt“ – Investition in die Zukunft.