Aviatrix Atelier

Aviatrix were the first pilots of the world: Amelia Earhart, Elizabeth Quimby, Sarla Thakral, Matilde Moissant, Marie Marvingt, Bessie Coleman, Adrienne Bolland, Sabiha Gökçen, Amy Johnson, Anesia Machado, Elise Delaroche, Elly Beinhorn Rosemeyer, Hazel Lee, Lidiya Zvereva, Marga von Etzdorf, Tereza de Marzo and many more… They were the first women that, in the early 1800’s, flew the sky with an airplane.

Aviatrix Atelier is an art atelier and café for artists and their children. This place lives from plurarity. It is a collective art space, where artists and children of all ages enjoy art together and the only independent kids friendly art space in Berlin, but not the first.


The original project was launched in 2012 by one of the Aviatrix founders, Renata Faccenda (visual artist, web and graphic designer). It was an art studio where she and other artists could develop artworks, sharing them with their children. There, Renata met Sarah Salters (children’s fashion designer and teacher). Together, they decided to start a new enterprise: a place where artists, art aficionados and their families can, without the usual restrictions of regular collective workspaces, make art together, meet and share ideas, a few meters from Tempelhofer Feld.

How it happened

“When my daughter was born in 2010, I couldn’t find any collective atelier in Berlin where she could come along with me… and also my Italian friend Martina, photographer and performer. It was the same for other artists/parents… That’s why, together with the French children’s fashion designer Sarah Salters and many other artists, we have built one art place, also suitable for children. A collective art space for Mamas and Papas artists and their public. The Atelier was quickly full!” – explains Aviatrix co-founder and manager, Renata Faccenda.

Our Space

The Atelier has two studio-rooms of different sizes where approximately nine artists and designers work. In this environment, they produce what they do best and for artists with children, with a very special perk, the company of their children, when needed and desired. An Aviatrix 25m2 space turns into a Gallery once in a while, specially for exhibitions made by or related to children.

The front room is where our workshops and events take place. It can be rent for private or professional events.

Our artists

Painters, sculptors, fashion designers, site specific artists, graphic and web designers, film and video makers, photographers, writers, translators, DJs, musicians, performers and illustrators from all over the world have worked in Aviatrix Atelier since 2012.

Our activities

In the Atelier we have regular creative workshops for children, but also for adults. Everybody can use our room for artistic, social and cultural purposes, especially the members of our cultural association – music, cinema, puppet theater, artist talk, lectures and parties too. You can rent our space for your own activity. Just




Our Café

“I thought that the nice community that could create an art atelier such as this, needs a place to meet. And that’s exactly what Aviatrix Café is here for. I have always dreamed about a place in a street market, but inside – so it’s always warm and dry.”
In the café we have delicious and healthy food, brazilian popular specialities like feijoada and açaí, but also from all around the world: Indian homemade chai, Spanish bocadillos, Italian coffee, Brazilian cakes and music, Asian teas – a lot of vegan and gluten free stuff. Our products are (as much as possible) homemade, (preferably) local, and from small initiatives, which support cultural and social projects, just like us!

The café can be rent for private or professional events, workshops, movie shows or exhibitions too.


In this place everything is self-made, the furniture is made out of recycled wood and the art is made in the very same location. The music we choose ourselves, our own books are available for the public (some we have it from neighbors, too). It is a small café, where children have the freedom to read, relax and be creative or join the adults to drink, eat, work in computer, relax and meet up with friends/family. We are happy about that. I hope that everybody can feel all the art and energy we put in it.

Ps: inviting friends, liking and tagging us in the social medias (#AviatrixAtelier #AviatrixCafé) as well as writing us a nice review will help us to do more and do it better ;-)


Like flying to an exciting and unknown place, Aviatrix is a place to work, study, experiment and stay in contact with the public. We mostly live in Schillerkiez and Neukölln but we come from all over the world (Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Irland and USA). We learn from the streets as much as we learn from the books. We like multidisciplinary. We don’t believe in a world separated by ages, gender or cultural background, we believe that sharing makes life more interesting. We love music, we love poetry. We want to fly. Like the early aviatrix (women aviators), we want more out of life. These inspiring women and the Tempelhofer feld (the former historic Berlin airport), 30m from our door, make us believe that this is the perfect place to take off.