24 JUN: Turbante-se - Workshop & Performance

24 JUN: Turbante-se – Workshop & Performance

We´re glad to invite you to experience Turbante.se – the AfroBrazilian Turbans and Headwraps Performance & Workshop with the Brazilian designer Thaís Muniz, as part of our program for 48 Stunde Neukölln. Thaís´s ongoing research on the last five years highlights the multicultural context of headwraps, connecting Brazil, Africa and the Diaspora.

Through the workshop you’ll discover characters, understand meanings and learn over 10 different ways to tie a head wrap, and also learn how to use your scarf as everyday clothing. Furthermore, Thais will share her vision of the adornment as an aesthetical, political, artistic and anthropological link over contemporary times.

The workshop is from 17:00-18:30
The cost for the workshop is €30 and it includes a scarf for you to keep.

Subscribe online {turbante.se@gmail.com} or at Aviatrix Cafe.
Limited booking available.


The contact performance is the moment where Thaís bring the headwraps for the passing public, and it will happen on friday at 21Uhr during the opening of our exhibitions:

First Shape – Corinne Luto
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