13 DEZ: Secret Visions - Cavani Rosas Ausstellung

13 DEZ: Secret Visions – Cavani Rosas Ausstellung


Performance with Joao Alencar (Afojuba), Joao Comazzi and Diogo Brega

This exhibition of Brazilian artist Cavani Rosas features drawings with different styles, themes and phases, from abstraction to scientific design, from fantasy to eroticism, from iconography to visual chronicles. Science and art overlap in Cavani’s work, as well as life and dream, or reality and fiction.

In the artist’s world view, influenced by different religions and mythologies, man is a being integrated with nature and has spiritual connection with plants and animals. Throughout his career, Cavani has always opened space for the representation of this convergence among species by drawing creatures that combined human, animal and vegetable features.

Cavani’s stroke has a fluidity that makes it poetic even when it doesn’t depict a recognizable figure. His abstract drawings are endowed with vitality, three-dimensionality, depth and movement, provided by the harmony between curves, overlays, transparencies, textures, points and lines that meet.

When depicting trees, plants and flowers, Cavani registers the complexity of nature and still captures its sensuality and expressive power. His microscopic precision in the outlining of the anatomy of animals led to Cavani’s invitation to collaborate with scientific catalogues of some of the main institutions of biological sciences in Brazil, such as the University of São Paulo and the Butantã Institute.

Cavani Rosas began his professional career as an Illustrator for the press and for advertising. He has collaborated with Brazilian newspapers such as Folha de São Paulo, Diario de Pernambuco, Jornal do Commercio, Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil and the magazine Continente Multicultural. His visual interpretation broadens the informative and critical potential in news articles and texts, and expands layers of comprehension emitted by words.

In the 1970s, when Cavani launched himself as an artist, his early paintings caused astonishment due to the dramatic force of anguished, decrepit and decadent characters surrounded by dark and oppressive environments. These beings, who are often deformed, skinny due to malnourishment or whose bodies are creeping around, transmitted a nonconformity to the forces that punish human beings, whether they were social, political (because Brazil was under a dictatorship at the time) or existential.

13 Dez – 30 Dez 2018
12-17h Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
11- 17h Saturday and Sunday

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