Vin Fiz Exhibition: Pietro Loffredo - TALISMAN

Vin Fiz Exhibition: Pietro Loffredo – TALISMAN

Amulets and talismans, infallible and indispensable: beliefs that come from afar with which, since the dawn of time, men have used to protect themselves against the risks of life and the uncertainty of reality. Peter Loffredo, in his artistic research, questions man’s relationship to the world, its uncertainties, anxieties and insecurities, and shows how reason and superstitions mingle in this state of uncertainty. The Neapolitan artist interprets the discomfort and weaves the icons of fortune in a setting that embraces all peoples and all cultures, mixing them, contaminating them and hopefully finding a juncture. In the exhibition conceived by journalist and art critic Erminia Pellecchia, Peter Loffredo compares, in an anthropology of dialogue, the Mediterranean horn with the North-European raven; these “Talisman” are used even today in the ‘hi-tech world. The “horn”, red, sinuous, lively and cheerful, apostrophic symbol by excellence; the “crow”, ambassador of the great emptiness that lies beyond time and space, keeper of the great mysteries and transmitter of energy.
Installations and large tapestries, accompany the visitor, in a magical path. But maybe, by following the path traced by “Talisman” one can try to build the road to change, issue a call to responsibility and civil commitment against the unfairness of a world that has lost sight of fundamental values, chasing instead irresponsible consumerism and appearance and which, today, with the economic crisis, does not know in which direction to head.
The exhibition catalog, published by Art Paparo of Naples, will be presented at the exhibition.


A Santa – A Santa is a guitar and voice duo, a brand new musical encounter between Nega Lucas, Brazilian samba-jazz singer and songwriter, and Alessio Bondì, Sicilian folk guitarist-songwriter. Two musical world so different, the warm and powerful voice of Nega and the sweet and deep guitar of Alessio give birth to a bunch of new songs that melt latin batidas with blues and mysterious atmospheres. An acoustic live session, skeletal and emotional, with a book of songs that smells of South between new and old songs.