Vin Fiz Workshops

Vin Fiz Workshops

+ Vin Fiz Exhibition


In the Vin Fiz program we offer our Gallery to professional artists for solo or collective exhibitions, combined with a workshop for children in relation to the its subject or media. Aviatrix offers to the artists the support to realize a solo or collective exhibition and to the children the opportunity to appreciate the artwork and experiment art since the conception till the presentation in a very concrete way. The artists are invited through collaborations and open calls. It alternates with the Piper Program.

The Vin Fiz workshops build, together with the children, inspiring each other, a bridge between the professional adult art world and the world of the children in the neighborhood – or from anywhere else!

Open Call:
To make our own exhibition at our gallery send us an email with your proposal, short CV and contact info. We will get in touch!