The concept of Aviatrix Atelier was born in 2010, when Antonia and Frido were born. Then, two recent-mothers-artists realized that from this year on, it wouldn’t be possible to work in collective atelier as they always did, because of the incompatibility between the existent alternative art spaces and the presence of children. Not interested in affording an atelier for the two of them only, they decided to build up a network of artists with the same needs they held – and it worked!

The project of the two artists went further. One with a second small baby and the other with in a large atelier, 200m2. The first independent kids friendly art studio in Berlin. A place where children were not just “allowed in” but can become part of it interacting at the same level as the artists. An environment where, for only one year, more than 20 artists have their workspace and several exhibitions, workshops for children and events for young families took place.

Workshops: free painting and silk screen, masks and instruments workshops for Schillerkarneval event, private art classes for schools such Cosmopolitan School and Karl-Weise-Schule and Karl Weise Schule, through Young Arts NK.

Events: three editions of Mama Can Dance party, Schillerkarneval, financed by Quartiersmanagement through the EU und das Land Berlin im Rahmen des Programms „Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil“ Teilprogramm „Soziale Stadt“ – Investition in die Zukunft, Weihnachtsmarket 2012.

Exhibitions: Alessandro Vitali, Fernando Peres, Bwokaa, Rico Lins, the collective exhibition “Wir waren hier. Wir sind hier” at 48 Stunden Neukölln 2013, also financed by Quartiersmanagement.

To host all these projects from October 2013, Aviatrix provides two atelier rooms to rent, a Café open to the public, a children atelier and a spacious atelier room with foldable self-designed furniture – that turns into a Gallery or workshop space when needed.

We are located in the Schillerkiez neighbourhood – one of the most flourishing areas in Neukölln, a peaceful green lung and source of inspiration – 100m from Tempelhofer Feld and very close to Hasenheide Park.

To know more about our activities check Events, Workshops and Open Call.

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